who is this "she"?...

I am 20-something secretary cube dweller by day, psychology grad student subpar hipster by evening, owl by night. Jersey is in me through and through as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, amen...but from time to time the 4 years I spent as an undergrad in southwestern Virginia and coming up on 3 years living in Charlotte show through. I am never far from coffee, craft beer, or red Chuck Taylors. The lines of over-sharing and good taste are somewhat invisible to me and be warned, there will be sailor words...there will be lots of sailor words.

But who are those other folks you were talking about?...

~Indie Jake: regional hotshot for a national sandwichery, music guru of ridiculous proportions, kitty co-parent and husband

~Daddy and Dahling: the 'rents

~Johnny: who I have long described as the least judgmental person I know. He fills many roles in my life including confidant, accomplice, motheree, and mechanic.

~Bonus: fur parade, knee crevice inhabitant and all around kitty-pants. If you come to our home expect to talk about how he is the most awesome cat ever at least once.