Thursday, May 16, 2013

What kind of crazy rental schmoop is this?...

There is a giant tree in my front yard and I love it from all the very secret places in me that I let be free to do ridiculous things like love trees.
It grows out of the middle of our forever-patchy yard surrounded by approximately 8000 robins (ok more like 8, but still, there are many) looking for worms. I love to sit on the front porch and look up at it - our tree.

Thing is, it isn't really our tree. It's our landlord's tree, and we're moving soon. When we do the tree and the porch and the robins will all be someone else's.

Now there are plenty of things that I will be ecstatic to be rid of too. Every sink in the house doesn't drain properly, the kitchen has approximately 2 square feet of usable counter space, and the bathroom window has been broken for two and a half years but we won't call our landlord to fix it since we aren't supposed to have a pet. I won't miss any of that for a second.

But it's hard not to be a little melancholy about leaving. Our rental is where we became a "we". Where our 2 became a furry 3. Where our "we" became Mr. & Mrs. This is the only house where Indie Jake's mom will have visited us. It has been good to us.

I'm sure we will love our new house just as much, if not more. It will truly be OURS. It really is all we could have ever asked for, but for now, I feel like I need to tip my hat to the silly pink house on the corner that has been good to me for the last 3 years.

...and hope the new house has an equally pudgy neighborcat.


  1. Good times in that house. Even for me. cigars at 1 am on new years comes to mind currently.
    miss you D.

    1. Miss you too, kiddo. Guess we'll just have to get you down here again some time to make more good memories.

    2. Moving is always a sort of melancholy thing, but you usually make enough memories in the new place quick enough to make the feelings a bit sweeter.

      Or you just forget all the old stuff with the strain of moving all those boxes and packing and unpacking ;)

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