Just like most stories don’t start at Chapter 1, when Indie Jake and I decided we wanted to look into buying a house it was not without a Preface. I have been staunch in my claim that I only came to the Carolinas temporarily and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I planned to hightail it back to New Jersey. Buying a house is sort of the opposite of that and there was much wringing of hands and rending of garments involved on my part once we realized that it just made more sense to buy. Turns out, financial sense and the idea of making our own home was just too darn tempting and so, 6 month lease secured, the house hunt finally started in earnest.
We made our lists of things out new house would have to have (like more than 2 square feet of usable counterspace and a second bathroom) and things that would be nice but weren’t deal breakers (like a suitable place to put a cat tree). Listings were scoured. Neighborhoods were narrowed down. A realtor was contacted. We did all the things we thought we were supposed to do and then we set out. 
Thing is, we forgot to do one thing…gird our loins. Apparently houses in Charlotte are selling like delicious, delicious hotcakes right now. So houses that we saw on Saturday had multiple offers come Monday morning. In one particularly ridiculous instance we saw a house which had been on the market for 4 months at 6pm Monday night. When our realtor went to submit our offer at 8am the next morning it was under contract. “Seriously?!”, says I. Seriously.
After a succession of near, or not so near, misses we were starting to get a touch bummed out. Which is where we were this past Tuesday when we were easing our bummedness with an afterwork brew at our local brewery. While flipping through the realtor.com app like the gluttons for punishment we are, IJ noticed a new property that had gone up not an hour earlier. A little out of our target neighborhood but it ticked all of our boxes and then some. He immediately called our realtor and set up at tour for the next day. I would only be able to make the tail end of it after work, but we knew we had to move fast.
Wednesday afternoon I met them as they finished up their tour and did a 3 minute run through. It was as good as it seemed, but 4 other folks had seen in that day. We would put in our best offer but it didn’t feel like this time would be any different. Multiple offers were bound to come in  and what were the chances we would be the best?
12:59 today: (Text from IJ) “Offers are being presented at 2pm.”
5:22: “Still no news.”
When I walked in the door at 6, the realtor had called and asked how flexible we were on some of the terms of the offer. Very, dude. We are contortionist flexible. We were still in the game.
We had resigned ourselves to a nervous night when the phone rang at 9:10 pm. Never have the words,”They chose to work with us.” sounded so sweet, or so merciful. We are getting to buy this house. This perfect house. 

...We aren't there yet, but by June we will be. And it will be amazing!