Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dairy lessons...

Photo by Thomas Hawk
Last night on the drive home from dinner, Indie Jake and (mostly) I decided that the absolutely most perfect thing would be ice cream. We don't generally keep it in the house, not because we are so very conscious of our eating habits but because having both a tiny freezer and a Costco membership leads to a definite lack of space, so this decision necessitated a stop at Target. It also prompted a discussion on the price of ice cream at grocery stores.

See, we both remembered a full half-gallon being $3 and change when we were small. Whether this is true is neither here nor there but I like to think it is. Now, our local grocery store didn't seem to bat an eye at charging $6 for a smaller container. (Not Target, Target was still reasonably sub-$4, but that is not apples and apples, my friend.) I thought back to what Daddy had taught me about inflation: The price of everything doubles every 10 years.




Apparently ice cream is a deal. Or possibly my father is not particularly good at estimating inflation. But either way, it gets you thinking about the passage of time. How did time pass so quickly that we are already passed $6 ice cream? How has it been almost a year since I posted anything? How has so much been jammed into that almost 1 year?

Time always reminds me of a non-newtonian fluids, you know like the "Slime" you mix up with cornstarch and water when you are a kid. When you throw slime or smack against it it's solid. But if you hold that same slime gently it will run right through your fingers. It is two states at once. In the same existence. Time is the same way. In the day to day of it it is so full, but step back and look at the bigger picture and before you know it a year, two years, a decade is gone.

...and you are buying $6 ice cream thinking it's a deal.


  1. You're back! And I hope more often. I don't want ice cream to be $9 the next time I see you in my reader. Hope you got Prailines and cream. That's the only ice cream worth $6.

  2. Girl, I am back! It wasn't pralines & cream. I wish it had been. The only place I have found that around here was the local ice cream shop that closes before 8.

    It was Breyer's Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Chunk and it was gummy...but we ate it.