Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The other whale says, "Frank, you're drunk."...

Photo by Drew Herron
Up until very recently I couldn't stand Beck.

I'm not sure what it was about his music but it grated on me. Then at some point in the last year a switch must have flipped in my brain because according to Last.fm he is in my top 10 most listened to artists in the last 3 months. I use this as an argument that "adult contemporary" might actually be a thing, but I have to wonder why I have taken such a shining to him when I have fully maintained my dislike for other popular artists like Radiohead. Similarly, why am I warming up to brussels sprouts and avocado but still hate bacon. And if my preferences are changing, seemingly at random, do I really even know who I am?

Of course I know who I am. That is just overdramatic bullshit, but the idea that I'm not totally familiar with myself stands.

IJ and I are going to Atlanta this weekend and he stumbled upon the fact that The Polyphonic Spree is playing. I was alerted while at work by text messages with exclamation points. A jazzed IJ hard to resist so I was go for Polyphonic Spree launch. After I responded I realized there was just one problem...

I don't like The Polyphonic Spree.

At all.

Or do I? See I can't remember what about them I disliked so it's possible that, like Beck, avocados, and brussels sprouts, I will now think they are the bees' knees. But do I want to be that person, or do I want to be the much more familiar person who rallies to go to the Fountains of Wayne show in the same building?

Change is important, but how far do you let the change take itself before you step in and say, "No, I think that's far enough."?

...and when do you tell yourself to shut up and enjoy the show.

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