Monday, January 2, 2012

Time for 2011 to face the music...

There is a room in my house that is very clearly meant to be a dining room. There is a two-way, swinging door to the kitchen for easy opening when one's hands are full of casserole or some such dish and an open  archway to the living room for flow. It is optimally shaped to allow for the placement of a table and chairs.

While I, being the daughter of an architect after all, have the greatest respect for architectural suggestion, we have chosen to go in another direction with the space.

Along with more CDs than two people should probably ever own it houses Indie Jake's ever growing vinyl collection
 and the half of a collection of 78s I inherited from my grandparents that ever made it out of Daddy & Chickadee's house.
It is by far our favorite space in the house (and the least cluttered). Right now I am curled up in the red chair with a Low album on the turntable, and the sun coming through the matchstick shades our landlord seems to adore. It is perfect. It is also very conducive to reflecting. 

At the end of every year there seems to be a barrage of "Thank goodness, XXXX is over. Next year is going to be better." But obviously, since this happens EVERY New Years, it's not that the past year was really that terrible, it's that we have had an entire year to mount up complaints. So much has happened and the new year seems fresh and empty.

We have had our share of gripes against 2011 here in the Laughs Too Easily household. There have been accidents and illnesses; there have been tears and stress. But, in a rather uncharacteristic move, I'm choosing to look at the brighter side of things. The sun through the blinds side.

2011 was a year I spent entirely as part of the best little family I could ever hope for.
It is a year that we ended without the loss of a loved one which seemed almost inevitable back in July.

2011 was a year that saw a resolution to the two worst angers I was carrying towards people. One through resolution and one through moving on.

It was a year with jobs and health insurance.

But most importantly, it was a year with potential. I'm not making any resolutions as such this year. All I'm saying is that I want to build 2012 on the shoulders of 2011 and come out of this new year in an even better place. 

...but hopefully in that better place there will still be the red chair, and the turntable, and the sun through the blinds.

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