Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20sb Blog Swap 9: Grown up Summer

Today's post is part of the 20sb Blog Swap. That means instead of listening to more of my prattle you get a fresh new post from Momma StJ who usually blogs over at Grace, Hope and Frugal Things. The theme of the swap was all things summer so here is what she has to say on the topic. If you want my take on summer, or if you are just looking for some positive new reads, click that link and head on over to her blog.
When I was young, the impending days of summer haunted my every step.
They were the fuel behind my fingers, frantically writing my last writing assignment and the motivation to dance each routine flawlessly during recital week.
Summer. Freedom.
Aside from one week long trip to the beach with my grandparents, my days were filled with fort building, ice cream truck chasing and sprinkler hopping.
My family did not have much, but in the summer less was more.
I lived for summer.
While the snow fell I ran around our tiny town home, losing my mind from being cooped up.
Even though summer came the same time every year, I did all I could to make it come faster, and stay longer.
That meant hiding out in the woods with friends until sunset, ignoring my mothers calls for bedtime.
And getting up at the butt crack of dawn to feel the dewy grass on my feet.
Yes, when I was young, I lived for summer. Life was simple.
Now that I am a grown up, summer has a different meaning for me.
Heat, cook outs, and ice cream.
How I wish I could enjoy those things as I once enjoyed every summer second.
Instead, each summer I fear our AC not working, and having to pay to repair it.
I spend hours deciding the perfect menu for a family cook out.
I no longer try to eat as much ice cream as mom will let me. I limit myself to a small serving to avoid, well, big hips. 
Worry has replaced careless summer days. 
I find myself yearning for lazy winter days midst the summer humidity.
I can hear the ten year old tomboy in the back of my mind yelling at me for typing that.
Life is hectic and there is never any rest for a grown up in the summertime.

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  1. Less is indeed more. hope that you bring back the spark of looking forward to your summers in the future ... i think its how we perceive the days that make it more valuable. like a regular day as a birthday or something.

    even if i dont feel the difference except the scorching heat from where i live. (but recently it doesnt matter coz of climate change its always hot here in manila)

    but i always look forward to summer because all my friends start to plan something , even if we dont really have "summer" vacations anymore...