Monday, July 11, 2011

The only thing I may fear more is what my desk will look like on monday...

I am the 'fraidiest kind of cat.  Particularly, I have a petrifying fear of home invasion.  So much so that the creaks and cracks that our old house lets out in the night routinely keep me up until 4 in the morning when Indie Jake is out of town. And this is despite the fact that we had our alarm system set up even before our gas service was.

Last year on the weekend of my birthday IJ was supposed to be traveling so I decided that rather than spending my birthday alone I would go up to Jersey to see Johnny. When I returned home I expected the house to be empty. Little did I know IJ had returned home and gathered a group of our friends to wish me a felicitous birthday (and to eat cake). What resulted was me opening the front door, hearing a mans voice, seeing a small group of people come around a corner, screaming, cursing, ducking down into a ball, screaming, and screaming. My home invasion fear…mammoth.

Luckily, the crazy in our house is not without balance. The way I feel about home invasion, Indie Jake feels that way about being underwater. Except replace the screaming, ducking and screaming with freezing and taking deep breaths in. For this reason, the idea of going to the shore over our week of vacation was about as appealing to him as putting gravel in his undershorts.

"But, hun, my parents just moved less than half an hour from the shore…"

"And I haven't been in 2 years…"

"And I love the shore so very very much…"

"And we can go to the Dogfish Head founding brewpub?"


So Tuesday we got to go to the beach.  I got to share with Jake all my favorite things about the shore: laying on a blanket reading a book all day, Kohrs Brothers ice cream, walking along the boardwalk, absolutely not going in the water above ones knees, skeeball. The works. Then we rounded it out with some of the tastiest craft brews you'll ever taste. It may not have been the trip we originally planned for our time off, but I'm not hesitant to deem it a success.

…now if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to hanging out with my new best buddy, Senor Soothe-a-caine.

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