Sunday, January 16, 2011

So this was originally supposed to be for the 20sb blog swap last month but my partner went MIA...

20SB Blog Swap: All leaps are giant as far as cat-kind is concerned…

So apparently the topic for this latest blog swap is Things We Will Do Next Year That We Have Been Putting Off for Far Too Long. When I asked Indie Jake what I should write about he said "Writing in your blog consistently" but I find this neither funny nor helpful (besides he still has months worth of photos for another stalled blogging project that he is supposed to send me, so he needs to shut his dang mouth).

I guess the reason why it is so hard for me to think of some long abandoned goal to champion is that right now I feel like I'm in a good place. This year closes with me out of school (again), recently going permanent at my job, finally settling into my new-ish city, and getting cozy in a super domestic lifestyle with my little bf-self-kitty family. Sure, there is onward and upward to go, but seriously, right here would be an awesome place to rest on my laurels. Wait a minute...

onward and upward, eh?

That's it. I'm putting it out there right now. 2011 is the year Slte&cth... goes to the moon!

That's right y'all. I am starting a space program. For 25 years I have accepted the boundaries of this planet, but no longer. We shall initiate catstronaut training just after the new year. Bonus will go through rigorous drills and classes including, space shuttle piloting, low gravity preparation, and instruction in how to distinguish moon dust from litter. Sure we will need to schedule time for naps into the mission, but it is worth it to have the first kitty on the moon.

I will, of course run mission control, though I anticipate some issues with catstonaut compliance with my directives. I'm thinking in advance of the mission we will need to launch a series of lunar pods full of Seafood Feast in Gravy. Maybe then we can keep our on site "man" focused. We will need to conduct extensive testing as to the scratching quality of the moon and whether or not there is any potential in the over-educated, under experienced, lunar social services market. Also, Bonus will be in charge of scouting out a good spot for a sandwichery, so that IJs company can go inter-celestial body-al.

That's it my frinds! (Well technically, Kristina's friends probably.) Action! You heard it here first. In 2011, I am putting a cat on the moon. who wants to fund us?

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