Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet little sixteen, man i was dumb as all getout...

Recently on Twitter there was hash tag regarding advice to give your 16 year old self.  Most of the advice i saw was light hearted and trivial, and my first though was that this was because it had to fit into about 120 characters. Surely, the adults we have become, having seen how things turn out, must have some sage nuggets for the teenagers we once were. But as I got to thinking I came back to an idea that I have always been amazed by.

Maybe, if we were to give our teen selves the answers we intrinsically know that we would be flapping the proverbial butterfly wings and washing clean all the good things that have happened. It's always been crazy to me how small the things that make huge changes in our lives can be. The Ex and I dated for a total of nearly 6 years as a result of the fact that I had a headache one afternoon at band camp. I went to the college I did because I misread a flyer in high school. My parents lived in the house they are currently moving out of after 30 years because Dahling's friend rode the train with the former owners. Maybe, we don't want to give our naive selves a hand and give up all that we do love.

But at the same time, the trivial advice I was seeing was pretty safe, so maybe there are a few things I could tell Teen Me.

1. Sweetie, whatever you are doing with your hair is not working. Seriously.

2. You will eventually learn to love brussel sprouts. Just accept them now.

3. For the love of God, learn how not to hit your head on things! (cause I'm still working on this one)

and finally,

4. Whenever you think your body has really betrayed you as much as it can, know that some day, and I'm not saying when, you will have a migraine, a UTI and a yeast infection at the same time. If it is not that day, suck it up, you will be fine., we have this play along at home tag, what advice would you give your 16 year old self?

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  1. cross town, make friends with the valley stage/light crew. sit back and enjoy the ride. #16YOself