Saturday, November 13, 2010

No worries, he did not actually roll on the cat (too much)...

"What should I write about?"

"Write about our awesome day."

"Tell me about our day."

"So we woke up at three and I was like noooooooooooo im going back to sleep so we went back to sleep and woke up at seven. We woke up, we had coffee and didn't really have a plan after that so we just kinda went to ikea because thats what you do on the weekend you go to ikea. i wish they would tell me how big the letters on the side of their building are because they are very big. so we walked around and sat in some chairs and there were lots of people and we sat in lots of chairs. we avoided eating swedish meatballs for the first time in recorded history because we were full from coffee and wanted to go somewhere new for lunch. after ikea we came home i think. did that happen? ok we came home and read the tweets and discovered mellow mushroom had opened in charlotte a new place for them because it wasn't here for a while so we went to Mellow Mushroom and it was really really good so i told the manager so. god damn that was good! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYum good. and it was the best possible time after that to go to costco because you dont go to costco hungry and we were the opposite of hungry by the time we got there. once again costco was full of all people. Dont question me. Dont write that. Dont write that either. ::turns on drum machine app:: how are you still typing i havent said any thing. our main goal in going to costco was to get some crab stuffed salmon for dinner tomorrow. we did that and got things like vitamin water and i dunno you got some cereal thats like super rare and only available in certain locations at certain times or something."

"you told me to get it"

"I had to force you to do something nice for your dad. FORCE. How are you still typing!? we got some other things and went to the check. out and bought them and then i got the 17th compliment on my VA tech colored shoes at the checkout door. we drove back home and unloaded the goods and made the cat very excited because it was almost CAT FEEDING TIME. cat feeding time is any time that there is not currently food in his mouth. AH THERES A CAT BUTT IN MY FACE! shortly thereafter we decided it was time for a CAT ADVENTURE this cat adventure took place before cat feeding time because a post fed cat on an adventure may poop in interesting locations. so we leashed up the cat and went into THE CAR! The car will be in all caps. bonus was very confused in that this room did not have food in it but was interesting none the less. he experienced motion and speed bumps. the speed bumps were very interesting because he could not see them but the car went up and down. this will be your longest blog post ever. bonus's favorite locations in the car include 1) the cover over the trunk section of my car 2) as close to the window as possible with any part of his face 3) the dashboard. this location was the most cause for alarm as he simply does not understand an unobstructed dashboard is important for the safety of its occupants and ITS THE LAW. in conclusion, do not let your cat on the dashboard unless your car is not moving. in which case its probably okay. after his ordeal we returned the cat to home and he was given his choice of 5 delicious wet cat food flavors and petted in copious amounts. I mean thats where we are right now, then weve been lying here for like 2 hours and theres a cat under my butt, right now, a cat, i think i just rolled onto him a little bit. oh and i got a 4sq badge."

"we watched the game too."

"yes, theres a lot of other things that happened.", um, yeah. Indie Jake on our super exciting life. ::slow clap::

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