Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maybe one day i can rock a hair flower of my very own, but not likely...

Netflix recently added season 7 (yes, only season 7, if anyone can figure that out for me please share with the class) of Clean House to their Instant Watch library. I don't remember whether I have mentioned it but back in the days of this blog's infancy, when I was still living with the Ex in Pennsylvania, we were fairly enthusiastic Clean House viewers. We saw their mayhem, shook our heads at their foolishness, and were awed as Miss Niecy told them to take off their blindfolds and open their eyes. Netflix gained 5 points in my book for this addition.

As it turns out, Indie Jake also had an ex with whom he used to watch Clean House so it became fodder for communal television watching at night. One of the episodes on this particular season was the 100th show, during which they had an awards show. Families from previous episodes were nominated for awards like Cleanest Room and the Relapse Award. Towards the end of the show they gave out what they called The Dirty for the family who had the dirtiest house overall even after going through the CH process. After we watched the acceptance speech, IJ commented that at least the winners had owned their slobishness in their speech.

Y'all, I would like to do just that here and now.

I am not now, have never been, and will never be a neat person (despite being super anal retentive). I will never say that cleaning calms me down or relieves my stress. I am perfectly capable of working in a cluttered space, it doesn't bother me. Of course there are limits. I don't aim for pig sty, but I guess sometimes it gets there. And apparently it gets on someone(whose initials may or maynot be I and J)'s nerves.

And he has a point.

I swear before all of you, internet friends that I'm going to try and reel in my sloppy ways. It will start withthe no dishes in the sink policy that we have instituted and maybe, just maybe, will eventually extend to the bed-containing walk-in closet that I call a bedroom. will not, however, extend to vacuuming any room that is not the living room or music room since my vacuum currently completes the circuit that keeps the power on in that half of the house.

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  1. how exactly does the vacuum keep the power on in half the house? my vacuum kills the power in half my downstairs in bloomingdale unless i use it with the lights off