Friday, November 19, 2010

If noone sees me in a week, send a st. bernard, preferably with one of those bourbon casks...

Y'all I am trapped.

Ok, maybe trapped is a bit of a strong word.

I am really more coerced into not moving. By pleasant.

You see right this very moment I want to get up and do three things:

1) Hit the restroom.
2) Put on some PJs.
3) Grab some english toffee ice cream.

And I really, really like all of those things. PJs. Ice cream. Not soiling myself. But at present I am also penned in on our tiny couch between a sleeping kitty and an IJ who is clicking hyperlinks. I could get up, yes. I should get up. But that would ruin it. I think I'll just sit here a little longer.

...I knew I shoulda worn depends today.

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