Monday, November 22, 2010

Greener pastures are just the result of more bullshit...

Yes, I missed two weekend days. I am bad at this. Moving on.

Well, Daddy and Dahling officially moved today. I was told the process was going well at around 230. The movers had the truck packed and they were ready to head out. I'm happy for them, I really am. Obviously, a big part of me is sad that they no longer live in the house I grew up in and that I am running low on reasons to legitimately call NJ home. Really, though. Dahling has been talking baout wanting to move to Delaware for eons. I am happy for them. (It doesn't hurt that they now live in the same town as the Dogfish Head brewery either.)

I'm also kinda worried about how my mother is going to handle moving 4 days before a holiday. Dahling takes holiday entertaining very seriously. Not to mention the fact that IJ will be there to witness the moving disarray. It is certainly going to interesting. Not to mention the fact that anyone who has moved knows that you invariably can't find the one thing you absolutely need until you unpack everything. My bet is that the roasting pan ends up being packed in with the summer clothes.

...oh well, that's why God invented Boston Market.

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