Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clearly we are not jedi...

Lately our little family has been getting ready for a big adventure.

A big turkey-filled, loved one seeing, cat traveling adventure.

For thanksgiving were are going up to see Daddy & Dahling, hitting up Johnny, Blkmarketliver & Dumbdog, then swooping back south to see Indie Jake's mom (and possibly my college roommate). It should be fantastic.

Or, you know, a disaster.

Daddy & Dahling move into their house (theoretically) next monday, after returning from a week long trip. It took Dahling 2 years to pack up and she is now charged with getting enough unpacked for 4 adults and one curious kitty to able to celebrate a holiday.

Speaking of our curious kitty, we have been slowly preparing Bonus for his epic voyage. First we bought a leash so he doesn't have to stay in his carrier the whole ride. Once he was adjusted to that we tried him out on a short ride around town. I feel like we have done all we can, but I also am very worried for the interior of IJ's car.

As far as New Jersey goes ::snaps her fingers:: oh darn, it looks like we are going to be up there on friday, not saturday. No day long DTH run for these travelers. But still a good old fashioned friday happy hour with the boys mehopes.

I've gone on before about what a character IJ's mom is, so that should prove to be a pleasant day as well...assuming we don't get eaten alive by DC traffic.

...if we don't make it back alive, you can have my IKEA lawn gnome.

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