Thursday, August 5, 2010

I promised you i would read these books, internet, and by God i meant it...

The other day, when I found myself staring at a book whose stay on my night table had lasted well over 2 weeks for the second time in a row, I started to get a little worried about the progress I was making on the 2010 She Laughs too Easily & Cries too Hard... Summer Reading List. It seems that when I picked authors that I didn't really know much about I may have given myself more of a challenge than I was anticipating. I'm sure you've all read books that don't exactly grab you and refuse to let go until the last word has been happily gobbled up. Well, both of this installment's books were like that for me and, bless their hearts, they show the two ways that can turn out. Sometimes, you do end up eventually getting swept up in the book and sometimes you end up, you know...not.

The 3rd SLtE&CtH Summer Reading book is Diary by Chuck Palahniuk:

and the 4th is Hummingbirds by Joshua Gaylord:

By the way, I feel like I've addressed this before, but I can't find it so let me put it out there again. I realize these reviews tell achingly little about he plots of the books in question. That is because I have confidence that anyone reading this blog has the capacity to read an Amazon summary or a book jacket. I feel like y'all benefit more from reactions and opinions than from objective plot summaries. Also, I am lazy and don't feel like it.

Next on the docket are a few old standby authors who rarely leave me uninterested, so hopefully the reviews will be a-flowing and I can get back on track.

...Summer Reading Challenge, I shall vanquish ye yet!


  1. ah the good ole summer reading challenge. I've a bet against my friend on who will read more. we're tied haha.

    Chuck Palahniuk is very different kind of read. He is out there. Fight Club is well worth the read tho.

  2. Ugh good for you. I've been working on the same book for months. I do love Chuck though. I need to read this maybe?