Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, at least I don't have to worry about finding places for too many essential items in my house...

So, this weekend, as you may have already figured from last weeks short letters, Daddy and Dahling came down to NC to visit. Well, that is not entirely true. They came down to NC to peruse the giant furniture mart in Hickory for a massively gigantic dining room table for their new house. Dahling is under the impression that even though holidays only happen 2-3 times a year and our family is rarely ever all talking to each other, she needs to be able to seat all of the people who might come to a holiday dinner. IMHO, this is sheer silliness, since that is why God created laps and folding tables. But she wants a table that can expand to seat 14, so they were here looking for one.

When I came down here 2.5 months ago, I brought most of my stuff but my car is only so large and since I planned on driving back up in June for a wedding I left a bunch of it there. Well, my car was a bit fakakte in June so I ended up flying to Jersey for the wedding, and as anyone who enjoys more than 3 oz of liquid can tell you, airplanes are not the most convenient ways to move a bunch of stuff. And generally this would be fine. I mean tons of people have stuff at their parents house. However, as i mentioned up there in paragraph one, my parents are moving soon, so having a bunch of my crap just lying around is less okay.

Dahling called me the other day to ask what I wanted them to bring down for me. You see she is perfectly okay with moving the junk that is still up there to their new house. I, on the other hand, think this is stupid considering the amount of their own stuff they have to move. (My parents have lived in the same house since 1981 and are devout packrats.) I told her that there were two specific things I wanted: one was my Mamoun's hot sauce, the other was...was...Aww cats! I couldn't remember what the other thing was. Never fear though! There is a great solution, after they pack their stuff in the car, fill up whatever space is left with my stuff, that way they have less of my stuff and the more junk they bring the higher the chance that whatever the second thing was will get thrown in. ::points to her head:: Not just a hatrack.

Skip ahead to Saturday morning when they get here. Bless her heart, Dahling is not so good at listening. They had brought me a single box full of stuff and it contained the following:

~ 1 t-shirt that I only use when painting rooms, which I will not be doing in this house since all our rooms are the same color.
~ 3 sweatshirts I very, very rarely wear and as such will probably end up donating to Good Will...once it gets cold.
~ 1 sweatshirt that actually belongs to a friend of mine who is spending the summer with her parents...who live 5 minutes from my parents.
~ 4 bras from the Fat Dani collection (To explain: I have a habit of rapidly loosing and gaining the 50 pounds between 145 and 195. Since I have done this repeatedly and bras are expensive, I decided to hang on to them, but they totally don't fit and I really should just throw them out.)
~ 1 cookie sheet which is technically Dahling's, is identical to one I already have down here, and which I will not need until christmas cookie season.
~ 1 of 2 pairs of torn-to-shit jeans I refuse to get rid of because they are 100% cotton and therefore vastly superior to most jeans

However, the box did not contain:

~ Mamoun's hot sauce
~ Office clothes which compose about 70% of the stuff I left up there and would have been kinda helpful since I am looking for office jobs
~ Mystery item #2


But, hey, these torn jeans are kinda comfy and they make my butt look pretty good...maybe I'll just wear them around the house. And maybe to the library. I mean the hole just below the back pocket isn't that big.

...by the way, on monday I remembered that Mystery Item #2 was a VHS recording of the original Merlin miniseries that is sitting next to their VCR.

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  1. Blerg. I know how you feel. My parents are selling their house and they are coming up this weekend for my bday and i know they will just bring shit i don't want. More stuff for the garage i suppose.