Monday, July 12, 2010

It's not even like i can use the excuse that i was busy, my sole responsibility just took an 8 hour nap...

I must admit, I had fallen into one of the oldest procrastinators traps ever. I knew it had been ever so long since I had posted, but it had also been ever so long since I had kept up with my Google Reader. There it sat, languishing with nearly (and sometimes over) 200 posts completely unread. Surely, I could not write a post being so far behind on my knowledge of the blogosphere. That would be like trying to have a political debate having not glanced at the news since Carter was in office. But "Oh Lord, how could I ever get caught up? The enormity of the task was just overwhelming. Maybe if I just read a the current day's updates and then a day or two from the oldest end." Well you see the problem with that is that I was doing things like reading Rachel's pregnancy updates before I ever got to the post announcing that she was ovening a bun. Not to mention, I was racked with guilt over the unsightly number of posts that were in unread from some of my favorite bloggers. Seriously? 17 NTKOG posts? 11 AllisonWrites posts? 14 posts from the ever-awesome LiLu (for MTVTJ!) that I simply had not read? FOR SHAME!!

Clearly I needed a new plan.

That plan was actually way simpler than anything called a plan should be. Yesterday, after dropping Indie Jake off at the airport, I realized I had a whole Sunday to myself (and Bonus). And since Sundays are totally dead on the job hunting front I didn't have to worry about feeling bad spending the entire day hunkered down on our comfy, black with grey kitty fur accents couch and going through that darn reader subscription by subscription. By the time I was ready to pass out I was under 50 posts. By dinner time today (with some time off for job searching and pretending I was going to clean our bathroom & kitchen today so that when IJ's mom shows up on Wednesday for his birthday she doesn't think we live in a sty) this is what my Google Reader looks like:

Now I think I've earned some netflixed Mythbusters's totally not a mythdiction, I can quit any time I want!


  1. Yeah MythBusters! I don't watch it but I know some ppl have serious addictions to it.

  2. Hahaha! I've pushed the red button a couple times. Sometimes you just gotta! ;-)

    Thanks for the shout out!!