Friday, July 23, 2010

Is the ASL version of hand-talking randomly moving your mouth to add to your point?...

I had a friend in high school who was completely incapable of talking if you held her hands at her sides. Presumably this is not because she was wondering why she was being manhandled while she was attempting to have a conversation, but instead because she was such a "hand talker" that if you immobilized her arms her verbal skills went to pot. I also imagine that this is partly to blame for the fact that she was unable to leave a comprehensible voicemail message. Enunciation was apparently the first thing to go when one of her hands had to remain still so the phone stayed by her head. Being an annoying teenager at the time, this used to amuse me to no end. I would sneak up behind her, catch her wrists and then chuckle to myself about how she immediately ground a halt.

Lately, I've been going on job interviews (you know, since I am currently not so much with the employment) and I have two noticed things. First, when I am nervous, I have also become a hand talker, and second, I don't think people in North Carolina are particularly used to gesticulation accompanying speech. (It's possible that I've always acted out my words this much, but seriously, have you been to Jersey? We gesture...a lot.) I think one lady expected me to produce a rabbit out of thin air every time I rolled my hands around each other to symbolize a process. Sorry, ma'am, the only rabbit I might have access to is really not appropriate to bring to a job interview.

Up until today, I had found this propensity for hand talking completely separate from another habit I've picked up lately: watching a shit-ton of YouTube. I just figured I'm home a bunch and I have adopted Bonus's attention span thus creating an "entertain me in short enough form that I don't lose interest" niche that badly needed filling (oh yeah!...I, not at all. you people are sick). But today I was watching a Charlie McDonnell video, and I couldn't help but notice that the hands...they were a-moving. As were the hands of the Pixar director who was with him. And then I checked out some Vlog Brothers and, oh my, John and Hank Greens' hands are all over the place. Holy cats! Mystery solved. The reason I have been watching so much YouTube is really and truly to get in touch with my hand talking bretheren! know, that or because I have a lot of free time on my hands.

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  1. i hand gesture alot while i'm talking... i need to learn to minimiz it for said purposes above : interviews... what a nightmare!!