Monday, June 28, 2010

I am one step closer to being the crazy cat lady i dreamed of being when i was 14...

Okay, first off, lets not try to evaluate the fact that I dreamed of being a crazy cat lady when I was 14 because, really, every time men frustrate the crap out of me, and all the ladies and gay dudes (Hope you enjoyed Pride Weekend!) out there will nod their heads when I say that that is frequently, I swear off people and claim I am going to become a crazy cat lady. Fourteen just happened to be the first time that happened.

But all that is SOOOOO not the point. The point is, well, the point is this:

Do you see what that is?! Do you see it?

That is a kitty. A real, live, moves and meows style kitty!

And do you know where that kitty is? He's here,

lookin' in my mirror, and here,

helping me do the crossword puzzle.

He was also here

jumping up the freakin' chimney (and less than an hour after I told Indie Jake that he seemed to like the fireplace, which I was not too happy about). IJ looked up from his work and asked me to get him, but all i could see was the little tiny tip of his tail hanging down into the fireplace while he somehow magically clung to the brickwork. The only even remotely appropriate response was to look back and say, "I have absolutely no clue what to do in this situation." As the sole prior cat owner and genetically appointed manly-dude in this house, I'm pretty sure retrieving cats from chimneys falls squarely in his territory. As you can see, the fireplace was promptly covered up.

But anyway, that is the big news around here. I'm sure Johnny and @blkmarketliver will forgive me for not making their visit this weekend the story of the day, but holy cats!. We have a cat!

Oh, and he shows affection with headbutts.

There is clearly no hope for me.

...if you've been following the madness around here since last November, it may not surprise you to learn that the cat is, in fact, named Bonus.


  1. How exciting!! I love cats, and will no doubt become a crazy old cat lady as well. I figure I've got another 30 years of sanity left before making the transition.

    Good luck!!

  2. hooray kitty!

    you should buy one of the sweet crazy cat lady figures out there.

  3. Ah your kitty is the cutest! I'm glad you're one step closer to makin your dreams come true!