Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm hoping june plays out more in line with this trilogy's first film's title...

Well, Holy Cats, my friends.

What isn't different now I ask you? And I bet I know what you'll say. You'll say, "Gosh, we don't know...because you haven't told us." And you'd have a point there. You would have a point indeed, and it would be a valid one. So let's get about to remedying that.

Mid-May: The good, the bad and the ugly-

The Good:

-I graduated. I am officially no longer a graduate student. It feels just a tad amazing and let me say, thank whatever karmic force didn't send me into a PhD program, because Lord knows I don't have it in me.

- I moved to North Carolina. I currently live in a lovely little neighborhood in Charlotte. It is beautiful and warm and within walking distance of a jumping neighborhood center-type of zone. I miss Jersey, but maybe this is what I need.

- Blkmarketliver is back in the US! Hooray! Our worn out little expat has made his return.

- On Friday, for the third year in a row, I got to go to a Jen Lancaster book signing. It's always a fantastic time and I'm glad i could make it, even though my car was less than cooperative in the actually getting there process.

The Bad:

- Finding a job is a bitch. I may have something in the works (fingers crossed) but it is not in my area and a significant pay cut from what i was making up north (though the hours may be better, I'm not entirely sure). At this point I need income so send me good vibes, kiddos, por favor.

- With the exception of a wedding he's attending with me in the middle of next month, y'all should probably not expect any more stories about The Gentleman. Charlotte and Albany are 12+ hours apart. Things are what they are. Time to be a big girl about it.

- Through a combination of both my overestimating how much folks would eat and people not so much showing up, I have been eating taco leftovers from a dinner get together since tuesday. Indie Jake is out of town this week so its up to me to play beat the food expiration clock. I'm pretty sure if I eat one more taco I have to officially switch teams.

The Ugly:

- Did you know there was a thing called "race traffic". I did not. Because I am from New Jersey. Apparently there is this thing, maybe you've heard of it, Nascar. Damn, kiddos...race traffic, she is an ugly thing.

- Apparently my immune system got the memo that I was done with school and moving and decided to take a bit of a vaycay. Today is the first day in a while that my neck doesn't look like I half swallowed two golf balls. Ill does not look good on me.

So that's where I'm at. Hopefully, now that things have settled down a bit we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. As an endnote, I feel the need to go on record as saying Alec Baldwin was a far better commencement speaker than I anticipated.

...which isn't really saying much.


  1. hoping for a fist full of dollars, eh?

  2. Alec Baldwin gave your commencement speech? Wha?!?

    I am glad to hear you've settled in and like the new surroundings. Do you have family nearby? Why NC? Just curious.

  3. Well congrats on graduating! But I'm sorry about the bad and the ugly. especially about you being sick! And I hope you have a job soon!

  4. @johnny: You bet your ass I am. But right now I'd take any.

    @Em: Yeah, he was a Tisch (the art school at NYU) graduate. As for why NC...I couldn't afford to stay in the NY metro and Indie Jake was all, "Hey come down to Charlotte where I'm at." here I am.

    @carissa: I have since prevailed over the sick, but many thanks. As for the job...who knows.