Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get me a fake jamaican accent and a 4 am infomercial and i'll be set...

I should start this post with a disclaimer that I am getting the distinct feeling that I have told y'all about this before, but I can find no record of it so I'm going to bring it up now. If this is old news then lo siento.

For a while now I have claimed to have a sort of psychic connection to my best buddies. When something is up with them I get something akin to spidey sense. Something in this mess of a head of mine tells me, "Yo, you need to call ____. Now. Get on it."

I can sometimes do this with Johnny, but really it is clearly strongest with Indie Jake. When he and his last girlfriend broke up, I got the tingle (no, not like that, you creepos) on the way back from spending the day with Johnny. Phone call. News. Eerie. We used to have a joke that I had some kind of chip implanted that kept me on the up and up, but lets be serious folks. Do I look like I have the kind of capital for that jazz? No sirs.

I have always chalked this up to the idea that I take cues from conversations and implicitly get the social signals for what is going to happen. If this were true it would be rather unremarkable. I have basic social skills. Go me. Maybe though, just maybe, it's more vulcan mind meld than that.

Tonight, we were chatting and he mentioned his car needed oil. "Okay, man, pull in to a service station, get some 10-30 and go on your way." I went over to Johnny's, we watched some NCIS. Nothing more to it. (In hindsight, maybe Johnny is the key. Who knows?) But when I got home and I immediately got the feeling his car had died.

Check the onlines. Not on adium. Not yet at the hotel. Do not check twitter, because that would make sense. Phone call.

The freakin' car was being towed...because dead.

Maybe it is just common sense, or maybe there is a totally rational explanation...all I'm saying is that someone whose name may or may not start with IJ should think twice before thinking any nasty thoughts about yours truly.

...also, I could totally rock the Spock eyebrows.

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  1. I'm the same way with a few of my friends.. and ok weird idea. I've read a lot about this theory that humans used to have a "sixth" sense kind of like animals do. You know how they can sense storms and deaths and what not. Anyway, the theory is that we used to have it too, but since we rarely use it it has mostly gone away, except some people are more sensititve to it than others.. so maybe yall just have such a strong connection that it still works!? Either way, cool stuff!