Monday, April 12, 2010

I doubt this is what they were referring to when they said you learn something new everyday...

It’s the beginning of the week so let’s do a little Old Business, New Business:

Old Business: Y’all are just absolute dolls for opening your big ol’ blogger arms and welcoming Johnny into the fold with your comments. I adore you all. Seriously, were you here, there would be hugs…except for those of you who aren’t vouchers, for you there would be big smiles and the implied intention of hugs.

New Business: Wednesday is the 7th 20sb blog swap. I am scheduled to swap with the writer of Rock & Bacon. I’m currently having a bit of trouble locating a name or email for this person, but rest assured I will do my best to ensure that y’all get more content I didn’t write this week. Also I am super jazzed because his/her blog has a strong music focus. Since Earmarket has been a touch stalled lately (read: pretty much since New Years) the swap is an exciting opportunity for me. So yes, Blog Swap…Wednesday

Well, glad that’s all out of the way.

Now I can go on to tell you that I have had a very educational weekend indeed and without further ado I will present to you…

Interesting Lessons from this Weekend

~ The Gentleman posted this story from the NY Times on Facebook, I believe, as a justification for why he is correct to never want kids. The conversation that followed began discussing said article, meandered through cross-dressing, and finally ended on the assertion that post-funeral drinking is preferable to wedding reception drinking.

Lesson: I suppose the technical lesson here is that babies are bad for the environment, but I’m going to choose to take a more personal and smile-inducing lesson about my taste in men.

~No matter how many times it is said, the fact that a lady-interest invited Johnny to a taco party never fails to elicit a laugh.

Lesson: Never use the phrase "taco party" unless you are prepared to inspire countless dirty jokes. Also, unintended double entendre is the best kind of double entendre.

~If Dahling goes to a bridal shower, she should not be allowed to drink the Sangria. She will begin making ridiculous suggestions with no foundation whatsoever. The more innocuous of these was that I should wait a week longer to move to NC. The more disturbing was that I should be wanting to have a baby. I think she meant at some point in the future, but she was not very clear on this point. I told IJ about this in a casual rundown of my weekend. He is now very worried because Dahling adores him. I find this amusing as all getout.


~ Speaking of Indie Jake, as of last Wednesday he is the proud owner of an iPad. I am told it is the future and I will be blown away by it…or at least that’s what I am told now that I have been told about it at all. Apparently, he was keeping this information to himself as payback for me not telling him when I chopped my hair off last fall.

Lesson: When you change the part of speech on the word “lie” you use all kinds of vowels. Also, IJ only recognizes lies of commission.

…lesson across the board: we are huge dorks, and I love it.

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