Friday, March 12, 2010

Somewhere over the airwaves and the perks of being a responsible adult...

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. Well, technically, that isn’t true in the objective sense, but for me, who rarely remembers dreams, it is most assuredly the case.

They started out last week and were about encounters with real folks I really know that I just don’t want to encounter. They were unpleasant and put me in a bad mood when I woke up. I suppose I should be happy that they have started to take a turn for the fantastic (in the “What the hell?” sense, not the “Man, this is awesome!” sense).

The most ridiculous happened one night last week. Apparently, my brain thinks I need to dream about Judy Garland, in her prime, giving a radio interview. She was perfectly charming and the interview was going along swimmingly until the interviewer asked about her recent marriage to a Hasidic fellow. Dream me is sort of perplexed by this. Real Judy had 5 husbands, none of them Hasidic; but whatever, good for imaginary Judy Garland.

She went on at length, gushing as any newlywed might about how happy they were and how fantastic their life was. But then, bless her heart, imaginary Judy Garland got a little too graphic from mid-century radio. The radio interviewer got all flustered, the producer cut the mic, and I woke up.

Any dream interpreters out there want to take a stab at that one?

Unrelatedly, I am on spring break from school this coming week and, yesterday, I was remembering back to times of yore, and to what that particular phrase means to different types of students.

In high school, spring break meant one thing: no homework for a week. It was a simple and pure joy (probably the only simple, pure thing about high school).

In college, for me spring break always meant a chance to go home. To see the Ex (who was not at that point). To be in Jersey again. For other, it meant a chance to go somewhere warm and behave in ways that are advertised on late night MTV with poor quality footage and black out bars.

Do you know what makes spring break exciting as a grad student? There are still assignments to get done. There is work, so epic travel is right out. (Though I am road-tripping both this weekend, to see The Gentleman in Albany, and next weekend, with Johnny to NC.)

No, no, my friends. What I was genuinely excited about yesterday was the fact that I don’t have to pay commuting expenses next week.

…take that, NJ Transit! WOOOO! Spring Break!

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  1. Ah to go back to those college spring break weeks.. how amazing would that be? Still at least you get a mini va-cay! I have no idea what your dreams mean, but maybe you should write a movie about Judy Garland and the hacidic.