Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it just me or does this feel a bit like the lyrics of "once in a lifetime"?...

This morning, when I finally dragged my lazy hump out of bed to get ready for work, something felt odd…and it wasn’t just the fact that the bed I was laying in, which had formerly been my parents' spare bed still smelled like Grandmama (who had used it when she was with us until she passed away last fall). Though that was really creepy.

Either way, I didn’t have time to think about what it was since I had ignored all three of my alarms and needed to get up.

It actually didn’t hit me until I was downstairs checking to see if there was any yesterday-coffee left in the pot.

This was not my kitchen.

My kitchen is cheery and yellow with a bright red coffee pot and a faucet that sounds like a screaming mouse.

This was hardly even Dahling’s kitchen.

Her kitchen is in pieces strewn about the house. A cabinet sample here, a folder of selected appliances there.

This kitchen, which I have been bustling through for 24 years…it wasn’t anyone’s.

The next two months are like limbo for my family. The ‘rents are in the process of getting approvals for their new house and I have already, emotionally at least, made the shift to NC.

Surprisingly though, it feels kind of good. In these two months we will wash off the sins of the past life time and come out the other side ready to start fresh.

...with coffee from the bright red coffee pot.

P.S. I’m taking applications for a Twitter name for Johnny. He maintains that he won’t use it, and this may be true…but when has limited practicality ever stopped me before? Besides, then y’all could bug him and tell him how much I you want to steal his dog.


  1. Hmmmm I'll have to think on the twitter names... But I do kind of know how you feel about your house. My parents are going through the big D right now, and the house that I grew up in is just not my house anymore. It's not anyone's. There are pieces of all of our lives there.... but they don't really belong to anyone anymore. That's really sad. Now I think I'll cry!

  2. @carissa Dang it. I didn't mean to bring out sadness, but i guess "they" say better out than in...or is that about indigestion?

  3. "In these two months we will wash off the sins of the past life time and come out the other side ready to start fresh." Different circumstances, same result for me. I hope.

  4. my parents moved during my freshman year of college. i packed up all my stuff from my childhood home and went to school, and when i came home for christmas... it was to an entirely different house, that sure as hell wasn't "mine."

    (it's been an alarming 11 years omfg since then, though, so it totally is home now.)