Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I only hope we can be as cool as the yellow jacket boys...

Piece of info you need to understand this conversation #1: our house in NC, along with having many other perks, is literally right around the corner from a very run-down looking bar.

Piece of info you need to understand this conversation #2: Indie Jake travels quite a bit (approximately 40% of the time) for the National Sandwichery.

Also, I l took the time stamps off, but this conversation happened at 1AM. This is seriously what we talk about at 1AM...

Dani: i have decided that i am going to frequent our very local bar
IJ: [name of the rundown bar]?
Dani: si
IJ: why that?
Dani: cause its right there...and because im hoping its full of grizzled old dudes...i want to hang with the grizzled old dudes
IJ: hahahah
Dani: in my mind its awesome
IJ: [guy] goes there
Dani: [guy] was cool
Dani: and seemed semi grizzled
IJ: yes
IJ: he will be your grizzled old dude
Dani: i will accrue a posse of grizzled old dudes...that shit could come in handy
IJ: hahahaha
IJ: at least, if you need to fix anything
IJ: or need to remember sports statistics
Dani: i mean a girl's gotta have a backup plan, you wont be around to fix things 40 percent of the time
IJ: hahah yes
Dani: if you come home one day to 500 years of experience in our living room and the first words out of my mouth are "naw guys, this ones cool" dont be surprised
Dani: thats all im saying
IJ: hahahaha
IJ: I dunno that's 10 fifty year old guys
IJ: that would make me uncomfortable
Dani: i was thinking like seven 75 year olds
IJ: also uncomfortable
Dani: fiiiiiiine
IJ: I really don't think there's any combination of people that would make 500 years of experience in our living room comfortable
Dani: we had almost 20 twenty five year olds there the other night
IJ: nah not quite that many
Dani: not at once maybe
IJ: and not all in the living room
Dani: fine...no 500 years of folks
Dani: i promise

Take away lessons:

1) Indie Jake thinks I am very funny indeed (Not actually true but shhh). He is apparently also kinda a buzzkill.
2) I have terrible grammar in instant messages.
3) Don't mess with me and my posse.

...oh and guys, I still need a twitter name for Johnny. Help a sister out.

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  1. Sooo I think you should totally go to the bar. Any way you come out of it sounds pretty awesome. I need an Indie Jake to laugh at all my jokes haha...