Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If i were north carolina i'd be starting to get a bit worried right about now...

Well, I have come out the other side of the weekend no worse for the wear. @blkmarketliver’s going away party went fairly swimmingly. Beer was consumed, laugher abounded, and our dear friend was bid adieu in a style only so befitting of him.

I may or may not have lost my voice from trying to yell over the throng from 9pm to 430am. I have been telling folks that the gravely semblance of speech that has managed to return is my sexy voice, but in truth it sounds more like the audio from Phyllis Diller nailing Tom Waits.

For the last several weeks, it has worked out that every week has some large culmination that sort of drives how I spend my time. This is kinda kickass because they are all awesome things. Christmas week there was, ya know, Christmas, but also a rather ridiculous Boxing Day adventure. The following week was a New Years Eve trip to Atlantic City. And last week was the send off party.

All fabulously wonderful things. And this was supposed to be the weekend off. Class starts again next week and I was going to have a low key week before I get back into that swing (for the last time ever, thank the Lord).

As you may have guessed, the operative word here is “supposed”.

Nein, meine Damen und Herren!

This weekend, as it turns out, I am scooting off to NC to look at residences with Indie Jake. There is a whole list of reasons why it has to be this weekend, which can be boiled down to the phrase, “AAAAAH, scheduling!” It’s all good though, this is a much better way to spend a weekend.

It has meant one thing though, that the theme of this week has become real estate. You see, when I lived off campus at college our one “has her shit together” roommate took charge of finding the apartment we moved to. And when I lived in PA, the Ex and I essentially found our apartment by walking out of the only appointment we had set up and heading across to the grocery store, picking up one of those real estate fliers they have and looking at the least sleazy looking complex listed there.

This time, IJ and I are doing this process correctly. We know exactly the area we want to live in, what we need to have and what we want/don’t want to have, and most importantly (depending on if you ask me or him, but you are on my blog so you are asking me), what we are willing to pay for it.

So, since that is what I’m thinking about, that is what you are hearing about. For your approval…or not, whatever…

Stuff I Have Learned About House Hunting/Other Folks Should Learn about House Marketing:

~ Craigslist is a hell of a lot less sketchy when you get out of the NY area. I have been able to, on multiple occasions, look through the listings with out feeling like I needed a tetanus shot.

~ When you list a property, take a damn picture of it. No. Take a bunch of pictures of it. And I don’t mean of the outside. Or the living room only. Show me the kitchen and the bathroom. If you don’t show me the rooms where food and naked need to happen I’m going to assume it’s for a reason. (Although at least now I know my accommodations if I decide to eat dinner in the buff, on the couch.)

~ If you are a realtor and your last name is Hicks (y’know, like Dante) you probably shouldn’t call attention to the secluded nature of the property in your listing title. Self-important bitches from Jersey will mock you for it and then count it against you. (It was also secluded enough to be out of our target area, but that’s not the critical point here.)

~ Realtors keep interesting hours. One fellow didn’t answer his phone at 430 in the afternoon, but returned my emails at 730 and 1030 at night. Fair enough.

~ Dear Realtor Mentioned Above,
Please read your emails more carefully. I know sometimes information is superfluous, but you should pay attention to the important stuff, like the day for which I am trying to make the appointment. You can try to show us the townhouse today, but I am in Jersey and Indie Jake is in South Carolina. Will not work so well.

~ Rentals are much more pet friendly down there. Looks like someone will get to have her furry friend after all. Which is super excellent because I will miss Dumbdog muchly.

Who will sleep on my lap during Ghostbusters?

…unless I finally get Johnny to cave. ::fingers crossed::

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