Thursday, January 7, 2010

"A Farewell to Liver" makes not only a good post title and a literary play on words, but also a safe prediction for friday night...

Today is supposed to be TMI Thursday. I am supposed to tell you a fantastically oversharing story and you are supposed to laugh and judge and at the end of it we all hug and stay good friends because you, kiddos, heart me despite my quirks.

All that will have to wait for next week.

This week, I’m going to use Thursday for another, emotionally conflicted purpose. To say goodbye to @blkmarketliver. You see, on Saturday morning, in the very, very wee hours, he will board a plane and fly (via four different airplanes) off to med school.

“Why are you doing this on Thursday if he doesn’t leave until Saturday?”, y’all might ask.

The answer to that is twofold. One, it is my experience that if you post things on Friday or Saturday no one reads them. They sit there sadly while folks are out doing fun weekend things (as it should be). And he deserves better than that. Two, and more importantly, tomorrow after work I am going over to Johnny’s where we will make all sorts of merry at a going away party for the ages. I do not want or plan to be coherent enough tomorrow night or Saturday or write a proper post. So, that being said, onward!

I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that y’all already know a little bit about @blkmarketliver because he is my Scorpio friend. I have known him in different capacities since I was 12, first as the boyfriend/ex-boyfriend of a rather certifiable then-friend, then as my high school theater crew lighting director, and most recently as a dear friend.

And here, as tribute and farewell, are 5 things that I adore about him:

1) Kid can sweet talk his way around any situation and, as Johnny and I are fond of pointing out, half the time doesn’t even realize he’s doing so. We could all take a lesson in confidence (not arrogance, confidence) from him.

2) He wants to know. This is an unfortunately rare quality in people. When he sees that you know something he doesn’t he will ask you to explain and genuinely listen. We have had long, late night conversations about everything from psychological constructs to the basic outline of Catholicism. Your naturally inquisitive nature will serve you well, hun.

3) He appreciates the awesomeness of a terrible movie. Can we say Vampire Effect? Yes, yes we can!

4) He knows his way around a kitchen. Living on an island where food is expensive is going to be hard. I have seen him whip up some pretty tasty eats. I might as well tag on here that he is just about the only person I know that can give me a run for my money when it comes to spicy food. Well done, sir.

5) When he wants something bad enough he digs in with a kind of dedication I both admire and covet. The road to med school has not been smooth for him, but bless his heart he wants to be a doctor and he dug his heels in to make it happen, even when that meant months of studying ridiculously for the MCATs and a hoop-jumping performance to rival the circus when it came to financials.

Y’all should totally leave him some love and best wishes (because he does read this when I make him, and I will make him).

Good luck, puddle ducklin’!

…and if you don’t keep in touch I swear I will fly down to Grenada and find your ass. Will. Not. Be. Pretty.


  1. Awwwwwwwww, you schmoop!

    Best of luck to your bud!

  2. Best of wishes to your friend!! And good luck in Med-school, I hear its tough. I'm sure it will help him to have such a supportive friend as you in his life!!

  3. he manages to be confident, without the arrogance that often accompanies it. damn right on all counts. ditto for me flying down there for an ass kicking if i dont get an email once in a while.

  4. @Lilu: Yeah, sometimes I am in fact a big schmoop, but don't tell anyone. I have a reputation as a cold-hearted bitch to maintain ::mouthes "no i don't"::

    @carissajaded: Oh he'll probably get run through the ringer, but thems the breaks if you want to be an MD.

    Thanks to you both for the good juju.

    @johnny: Take the lesson. And come on, you just want to fly to Grenada, kiddo, don't lie. :-P

  5. To ALL: Thank you for the well wishes.

    Johny: Dude I am grateful to you for a number of reasons. I'll be back no worries. Then we will have beers. :D

    D: I sat here reading this with a smile ear to ear. Thank you truly for the kind words and the heart felt thoughts. Heart you much kid. The island is nice but its just the calm before the storm. No worries though. With people like you behind me I am ten times more bad @$$ and ready to throw down hard. No matter where this world takes ya you can be sure I'll drop in at some point. That's a promise.
    -You got two family in this world; The one you choose and the one your born in to...I chose well.

  6. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\