Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Someone wanna get on killing this blogs fatted calf?...

Oh hey! Hey it's you guys. I've missed y'all!

See the thing is, I've been a bit bogged down under end of semester work, but today that all ended. I am free of Fall '09 and now only Spring '10 stands between me and the end of this wretched endeavor.

So yeah, I'll be back around here tomorrow, but right now I've been up for 38 hours, which is far too many. I'm starting to see unicorns and there is this super nice talking kitty who is trying to sit on my head.

...okay maybe not.

But I am exhausted and all cozy from the brandy-nog I had after dinner. An appropriate beverage if there ever was one, since now I can officially accept that it's the holidays and that means one thing for sure.

Dani's gonna be a Christmas cookie fiend!

...unholy cholesterol count, here I come!

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