Saturday, December 19, 2009

I feel like a proud mama, except child services can't take away a website...

Okay, so remember a few weeks ago in my NaBloPoMo wrap up when I evasively alluded to another project that I had been working on? And I was really excited to tell y'all what that other project was, because I was just 16 kinds of jazzed about it and I hope you will be too.

But there was the tiny issue of the fact that we hadn't gotten all the sections of it worked out yet, and I wasn't going to come around here spouting off about it when it was still only half done. Because really, I have standards (no I don't) and you deserve better (yes, you actually do).

But now I am glad to say that all the sections have been figured out. All the bricks are falling into place.

And, tonight, yes this very night, there is new content up. So no time seemed better than the present to come back over here and spout off about how you should all take an internet mosey over there and check it out

...unless of course you don't like music.

Then you should go do something else because there is no point in you reading a website that revolves fully and totally around music if that just isn't your thing.

But for those of you who do like music, I present to you, that which is mostly the brain child of Indie Jake, but which I am taking partial credit for because I make it actually happen (and occasionally contribute content...very occasionally...i'll work on that):


...go, and behold the complete and utter limitedness of my site admining skillz.


  1. Niccceee I love the new site, and I'll definitely be keeping tabs!!

  2. Oh, LOVES it! Good for you, hon!