Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yesterday would not have been the day for me to go to mcsorleys...

It is probably not a good way to start NaBloPoMo by posting the november 1 post at 11pm, but thats what happenes.

I blame the fact that I spent the majority of the day recovering from Halloweening it up with The Gentleman in NY until the very very wee hours of the morning. I'd say that I'm very disappointed in myself for this kind of behavior, but how often does on get a chance to go out dressed as JFK and Jackie O post-shooting? (Thats right, kids. I promised you tasteless and there it is!) I mean have you ever attempted to get raspberry preserves mixed with fake blood and egg shells to stay on a mans head? It is tricky, my friends. (Almost as tricky as trying to brush dried raspberry preserves out of elbow length hair-beast the next morning) And getting fake blood to properly stain a polyester dress, hat and gloves is a dicey proposition.

I only regret the fact that neither The Gentleman nor I are big lets-stop-whats-going-on-and-take-a-photo people. The only photographic evidence of this exercise in tackiness is on the camera of a random woman in a corset who was at the World/Inferno Friendship Society show last night. For shame, self!

Fun fact: More people asked me if i was Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers than guessed what I actually was. I should be surprised...I really should...but no.

So, did y'all don a costume? Share with the group. (I am at least looking at you Indie Jake!).

...and for the record, The Gentleman suffered no pigeon attacks.

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