Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winston churchill would be proud...

Today I have for you one of my favorite anecdotes (because attempting to write a post about how I am thankful that Kevin Jones no longer plays for the Lions so I don't have to root for the Detroit-fucking-Lions anymore had a bit of the wrong spirit about it).

One of the Ex's college roommates was a delightful fellow from Florida. He had a certain...shall we say... roughness about him that generally resulted in him telling women to make him a sammich.

Now, one afternoon, this fellow decided that he was in need of a book from the University Library, however, since the library was run in a Library of Congress style, you needed to bring the information about the materials you wanted to the desk and they would retrieve it for you.

Our boy walked up to the circulation desk and, in his friendly drawl, asked the clerk, "Where's this book at?"

The clerk, turned up his nose, put on a rather distasteful scowl and sneered back that this was a prestigious, Ivy League institution and that he should know better than to commit such a heinous grammatical error as to end a sentence with a preposition.

If there was one thing that this particular guy did not take kindly to, it was stereotypical, snotty, comes-from-big-money kids lording the fact that they thought they were better over him. So he looked the clerk square in the eyes and responded with what my be the greatest answer ever uttered.

"Okay, you're right. Where's this book at...., fucker?"

...and they say there is no class left in the world.


  1. Oh that is awesome... I'm just gonna start putting fucker at the end of every sentence... that way if I use poor grammar, I'm bound to get some respect, either way!

  2. and i just thought of that story yesterday too. reading my mind?

  3. @carissajaded: You will become known and thought of with a healthy dose of fear and respect far and wide. I also recommend telling folks to make you a sammich.

    @anonymous: That would be a pretty neat trick, reading the minds of people you can't identify...not so useful though.

  4. Fabulous! Being from a state which produces people of that particular accent and drawl (although, I managed to escape without it) I am often sensitive to immediate stereotypes of ignorance, stupidity, questionable breeding, etc. I like that guy! Way to make a statement!!

  5. oh, uh, anonymous was me. i fucked up.

  6. @Em: He wouldn't take crap for not being traditional Ivy League off anyone. And you know what, he shouldn't have to!

    @Johnny: In that case, yes. I can read your mind. Hell, by now I should be able to.

  7. I saw a birthday card just like this! It was two older women talking and one says "So where is your party at?" and the other one corrects her... so on the inside it says "Where is the party at bitch?" :) I got it for my sister because we're annoying grammar natzi types.