Monday, November 9, 2009

This almost makes up for the piles of magazines from 1974...

I really have nothing witty and awesome for y'all today. I spent all day freaking out about an exam that the whole class came out of looking like we had just been given too much coke and then hit by a bus.

So, instead of trying to figure out something to gloss over hastily and with little inspiration, I have a visual gift for you. We found your present in Grandmama's basement, but don't let that sour you. Promise? Well, okay then i feel like I can trust you.


That's right, kids...its a nutcracker...shaped like the lower half of a lady.

...well maybe not a LADY if there are so many nuts going in there. More like a harlot!

Oh and for anyone in DC who maybe wasn't paying attention over the weekend because you are all such cool cats that you dont hang out on the internet all the time, I still need your advice. Pretty please. With a cherry on top?

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