Friday, November 20, 2009

Just so you know, i can tell when you're lying, i see it in your eyes...

I think, since like noone reads late friday posts, I will call upon those of you who do read this to play along at home, since we haven't had a play along at home activity in a while. So lets see, what am I curious about with respect to y'all?:

1) If you were to open a fortune cookie right now, and of course you would eat it all because otherwise no fortune cookie for you, what would it say?

My answer (because it's only fair): Don't let your thoughts and fears drive you crazy. Live with your heart.

2) The teleporter and the time machine have both been in the shop for ages and frankly that mechanic is on thin ice with me. Which do you want him to fix first?

My answer: The teleporter. I have made oodles of mistakes in the past that I would love to change (Poor Life Choice!) but I don't think I could use the knowledge I have now to fix them then...if that makes any sense.

3) I think we should all go have a drink, because it's friday night and y'all are the bees' knees. What can I get'ya?

My answer: A Victory Donnybrook Stout or a Manhattan

Yes, I think that will do nicely. So what are y'all's answers. Inquiring minds want to know.

...see those aren't too terrible painful. Now share, kids.


  1. 1) My fortune cookie would say, "It is better to invest in a clock than a flower" And that would be PERFECT for today, because I totally thought my kickball game was at 1 this afternoon, but it turns out it was at 8 in the morning. I know what you're thinking: "who the hell plays kickball at 8 in the morning?" And I totally agree with you, but my response would have to be: "Apparently, not me! Because I was still in bed thinking I had 5 hours until game time!"

    2) I want the mechanic to fix the teleporter first ... THEN my refrigerator ... and THEN the time machine! Because, speaking of thin ice, my refrigerator has been leaving a layer of ice on EVERYTHING!

    3) Ooh, I'll have a Captain and Diet. But, it's 11:40am ... but that's okay ... it's ALMOST noon! woo hoo.

  2. 1. A new career awaits you. (I wish!)

    2. Hmmm I'm also going to go with the teleporter. I wish I had more time to travel and who knows what unknown consequences would come from changing things I thought were mistakes in the past.

    3. I usually drink Malibu & Diet... but I also can put down a bottle of Moscato wine :)

    GREAT questions!!