Sunday, November 29, 2009

It tastes like angst in here...

Do you know what a twenty-something secretary/grad student/dork does on the final day of a long weekend, when the library search system for her school is down all day so no actual work can be done?

She folds sweaters and watches episodes of awesome old tv shows (I'm looking at you, Daria)

I must admit I spent a good deal of my mid-teen years aspiring to be Daria, what with her sarcasm and her lack of a need for social validation. Also her awesome glasses.

Well, now I have my own awesome glasses. I also had to laugh while watching. Apparently, some time in the growing up process I gained some insight. Now I kinda want to take Daria and give her a hug. Mostly because I know it would kinda tick her off and people who take themselves that seriously deserve to be shaken up a little. But also because I know that the shit she is all irritated by is so completely unimportant that it's not worth sweating.

Don't get me wrong, the show is still amazing though.

...and Trent may or may not still be hot, in a cartoon sort of way, of course.


  1. hahaha I love it. I loved Daria. She may be part of the reason I got glasses as well. But where do you watch this? On dvd? Did it come out on dvd without me realizing it?

  2. @carissajade: There are 8 episodes I found up on the net. Honestly, I'm not sure if its out on DVD, but this should help scratch the itch for a little while: