Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I guess i'll never live out my dream of growing up to be rapunzel now...

I think I will take this opportunity, since this post will only be at the forefront for a few hours, until tomorrows TMI Thursday post goes up at oh seven hundred, to post about something that has been big for me but I doubt anyone else will care about.

The is gone.

Snip snip, chop chop, and many strokes of dye later, I am back to having short hair and being a redhead. I am thrilled and I look like an actual adult.

Plus, it's been fun watching people not realize who I am for a few moments.

So to recap, in case you care a touch...



...apparently my edges become way less blurry when I chop my hair off. Go figure.

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    It really does look amazing, it is like... the Danielle that was trapped inside. We will miss the long-haired Danielle, but this one ain't so bad either!

    Sorry I've dropped off the face of the earth... I hate having a full time job :-P I think of all you guys, even though I might not speak of it :-) ::hugs::