Monday, November 2, 2009

The closest thing ive seen to evidence that darwin was wrong since my freshman year roommate's 21st birthday...

Yesterday was a very special day. The kind of day that deserves celebration and reverence and joy...and cupcakes, most assuredly cupcakes.

Yesterday was Dumbdog's birthday.

I mean it was also Daddy and Dahling's anniversary, but that is slightly less critical, because my chubby fuzzbutt of a nephewpuppy is one (also because we didn't get to watch my parents eat cupcakes off the floor). He showed how much he has learned over the course or a whole year by trying to lick the hydraulic fluid off a funnel, although I suppose that should not be surprising since last week he was trying to eat spackle.

...good luck with those fast-approaching doggy tween years, Johnny.

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  1. every day is a game of food or not food. he's usually wrong.