Monday, October 26, 2009

It's like swinging but for bloggers...

Hey kids! Do you know what day it was today? No? Eh, neither did I til I asked a girl in class. No, no that's not it at all. It's 20-something Bloggers Blog Swap Day! So here is Jenny from over at These Are the Days of One Gemini. Don't say anything to her you wouldn't say to me...actually that doesn't really rule out much does it?
Good Evening fellow bloggers and most importantly: Dani's readers... Please allow me to appologize for such an inexcusable delay as my mind wasn't in the right place this weekend and I forgot about the blog swap... However in my defense today was my 1st day back to work after a 3 month long medical leave due to back surgery...
I had randomly thought of different ways to approach our topic and my mind kept going back to the first Halloween that I was able to take my little sister out "by myself" meaning with our babysitter and all her highschool friends...and not our parents, they had a party!
I was 11 years old going on 21 I was nervous and anxious about hanging out with guys and girls that were 5-7 years older than me and I wanted to be soo cool. When what I really ended up being was hot and miserable. I decided to dress up as Zsa Zsa Gabor. Which meant borrowing my aunts furr coat and an "evening gown" of sorts from my step-mom. It was a hot halloween down in Arkansas. And I was embarassed by my lack of breasts that my babysitters' friends were flaunting in thier skintight costumes and falling out boobage.
That is the one Halloween I remember the best. Might be because its the first time I ever drank. Yes, she contributed to the delinquancy of an 11 year old by letting me drink wine coolers! It was an awesome night and the simple fact that after the door to door trick or treating and my 4 year old sister was dropped off I got to go back out with my babysitter and party hop with her. She must've thought I was one cool 11 year old!
We visited a lot of Haunted Houses too. I was so fucking scared! And I developed a serious crush on her boyfriends best friend, who was single, I might add... So I'd clutch his hand and make sure I was near him and he'd pick me up and carry me around like a bride. Now, I know that he was thinking "11 year old kid lets play around and she's a cool kid" but I was thinking in my head "Oh, I'm gonna marry this boy! I love him".......little school girl crush. He was delicious if my memory serves me correctly!!
After that it was "uncool" to go trick or treating anymore, even with my little sister as an excuse. I'm glad I had a great memorable last year of game playing and candy begging!
--Huge thanks go out to Dani for joining me on this blog swap... Now go over to my blog and read her halloween memories!! These Are The Days of One Gemini 

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  1. i wanted to come by and say hi and thank you again for joining in the swap with me!