Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is why we can't have nice goals...

So remember a few months ago, I was all excited about these 11 goals I was going to set for myself to accomplish in 101 days and I was going to be proactive and I even put that neat little goal tracking section in the sidebar?

Well, 101 days was up on September 25 (which some of the smarter students in class may realize has passed) and I figure, since I got really very lazy about updating that fancy (not really) sidebar thing, I should give y’all a wrap-up report.

I failed. Miserably.

Of my 11 goals I accomplished the following 3:

7) Travel more than 100 miles away from home 3 times: Technically, I accomplished this goal twice. Since June 17 (which was Day 1), I’ve been to Albany, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, College Park/Fairfax/Alexandria, and Saratoga. Who loves a good travel? This gal.

8) Hear a band I’ve never heard play live: This one I’ve also multipled up on. Again, since Day 1, I’ve seen White Problems (and everyone else who was playing at that particular bar that particular night who’s names may or may not have been lost in a haze of PBR and Cajun Martini), Sleigh Bells, FreshKills, Secret Machines (!) and …and they will know us by the Trail of Dead play live. Don’t you all just wish you were me? No you do not, but still.

And here’s the big one…the one that may be largely responsible for the fact that I did not accomplish most of my other goals…

9) Hug someone everyday: For the record I actually ended up not counting folks I live with even though I gave myself that out in the original list. And you know what happens when you set a goal that requires you to interact with other people, that you presumably like, on a daily basis…you get fucking busy!

I, shockingly, discovered that if I drag my ass out of my room and actually be social, life becomes a lot more fun, but you also have a lot less time to do solo things, like

5) Read 10 books: For the record I read 1.5 books in the 101 days…1.5<10…the alligator eats 10.

10) Beat that stupid level in Final Fantasy I’m stuck at: This may also have gone unaccomplished because @blkmarketliver lent me a copy of Fire Emblem for GameCube, so any time I did spend on video games went there, but shhh, this is just a triviality.

4) At least attempt the Sunday crossword puzzle every week, though not necessarily on Sunday: I’m’a pawn some of the blame for this one off on Grandmama too though, since she came to live with us and loves crossword puzzles, and what kind of horrible granddaughter would deprive their ailing grandmother of that joy just to selfishly fulfill her own goals list?...um, sorry, the bullshit started flowing and it got away from me a bit there.

So let’s see that’s six. I also did not:

2) Visit all of the members of the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild: I visited one of fourteen and had beers from a few more. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. I like to drink where I like to drink.

6) Walk around the lake by my house 30 times: I got halfway there. I’m considering 15 times to be not too shabby. Trust me, that is a significant decrease in lazy.

11) Find a volunteer activity and, you know, volunteer to do that activity: This one I actually feel kinda bad about. I should have done it because that is what good folks do. That being said, based on the amount of busy I have gotten lately I’m thinking putting that one off for a while might not be such a bad thing.

3) Get X>Y, where X = the amount of $ in my savings account and Y= my credit card balance: Hi, did you see up there where I said I went to all those places, and saw some bands, and was social? That shit costs bones, kiddo! I am farther from this goal than I was and with less hope of meeting it any time soon. Such is life.

1) Post at least one, non-phoning-it-in blog post a week and remember to come up with a Wednesday Word of the Week every Wednesday: I got myself back posting on my blog more, and that was the point of the first part, but it wasn’t necessarily once a week, so…fail. As for the WWotW, I kinda realized that that was a concept that I started entirely because of one comment made by a friend that I couldn’t get out of my head. That word dominated that week, and frankly, still resonates in context, but not every week has a word so the concept got axed, hence additional goal fail.

And so ends 11 goals in 101 days.

…i think I’m going to keep up the hugging thing though. And maybe add and ass-grabbing clause.


  1. I second the ass-grabbing clause.

  2. "That shit costs bones, kiddo!"

    This is what I'm saying from now on any time I spend any money.

    Thank you.

  3. I art blkmarket liver...i rob you of your goals bahahahaha. lol. btw i love goal 5's fail. "1.5<10…the alligator eats 10." roflol.

  4. I was going to point out that the alligator is indeed a greedy bastard, but now all i can think is "Big numbers need love, too" and I kinda want to give him a high five...but I think his foot-paw thing would be all gross, so I wont.