Friday, September 4, 2009

I'd really like to know what kind of drugs they were taking when they named this shade "temptation"...

The Gentleman has moved to NY state for grad school.

“Oh, but you must have seen this coming.” you say. “Why would you bother introducing us to a new person, who we don’t know or care about, just to have him disappear?” Oh and you, in the back, who muttered, “No surprise you chased him out of the state already”, I heard that! I am a persistent bitch and creative with time management, so a few hours in the car aren’t deterring me.

Anyway, the thing about moving to a new apartment is that it requires one to do a whole bunch of susie-homemaker tasks to make the place your own (as I’m sure LiLu and Jill Pilgrim can both attest to, having recently done so themselves). And so, after work on Tuesday, I hauled my ass northward to help him paint.

His landlord wanted the apartment to be kept white; however, this would not fly (since, apparently, SOMEONE gets a little bristly when told what he can and cannot do in the decoration of his own abode). They finally agreed that he could paint the bedroom.

I have seen bedrooms in all colors of the rainbow: red and pink and blue and yellow and peach and beige and on and on. (Okay, upon reassessment, this makes me sound like a bit of a whore doesn’t it? If that’s what you have to think to make it through your day, go ahead.) The Gentleman wanted a green room. Great. We tape off the molding, put down drop clothes, don our oldest/freest/beat-to-shitest clothes, and then he opens the can…

Holy crap.

Do you remember Ecto Cooler? (If not, my deepest condolences.) That’s what color this stuff was. When I later found the paint chip in his car, I was not at all surprised to learn that was one shade more violently green than something called “Sonic Lime” and only a touch less violently green than “Martian”.

Two, dried coats later, it looked like this:

I do have to admit that it was slightly less migraine-inducing than I originally anticipated. But, I also have to point out that that photo is taken at night, by a camera with no flash, while lit with incandescent bulbs. As is all too often true in life, it is a few shades harsher in the light of day.

But he likes it, bless his heart. And, I suppose, that’s what’s important.

…let’s see if he can get any sleep in there once his bed is delivered though.


  1. MOVING SUCKS!!!!!!! BOO MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.

  2. I'm with Jill. But at least it is O-V-E-R.

    I actually like that color with the floor. But not in the bedroom. I feel like all my dreams would be in sepia, if sepia was Ecto Cooler...