Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little billy couldn't look at his grandma the same way again...

This past weekend I got to take a brief jaunt to the Windy City to attend a wedding. The trip went smoothly for the most part and it was a terrific event. Many happy years together to them.

While at the reception, during the standard “Where are you living?”, “For whom are you working?”, “What’s new in the Personal Life?” shtick that comes with seeing folks after more than a year, I chanced to hear an interesting, though I’m sure not wholly unique, story about how one of the guests got together with her boyfriend.

The general gist is that she was out drinking, with gusto, and this fellow offered to give her a ride home. Being rather alcohol enabled, she left her umbrella in his car. The next day, when said fellow returned to drop it off, she wouldn’t have known him from Adam but she recognized the umbrella…and somehow the rest was history.

The problem is that it isn’t very good history. I mean as the teller herself pointed out it’s not really the story you’d want to tell the grandkids. “Come here Billy and let Grandma tell you about being blackout drunk and a very special umbrella.” No.

And a very simple solution was pointed out. You sit down and have a team meeting to come up with a new, improved, now with 20% more sap How We Got Together story. Both people agree, you make flash cards, you study up and most importantly, like any good lie, you stick to it.

Sometimes you luck out and you actually have a good story. The Ex and I had a fabulous one that genuinely started “So this one time at band camp…” (let me just get it out there, no, I was not a flautist) and contained acoustic guitar sing-alongs, elementary school nostalgia and searching in a rain storm. But I’ve also been in the spot of having a less legacy-friendly (though not entirely without humor) story that involved misreading a bus schedule, dicking-over my roomie, a potential concussion and me curled up in the fetal position in a parking lot.

All that being said, I couldn’t help but laugh on Sunday night when, while out at a bar, the gentleman I was with was asked, by his friend, how we knew each other. We just kinda looked at each other and produced enough sentence fragments to make it sound like there was coherence.

…I think I need to check my iCal and see where I can fit in a team meeting.


  1. Yeah, my husband and I met drunk in a bar. We definitely need to get on the same page with a better story before we have kids. Any suggestions?

  2. ...so this one time when i was drunk...

  3. Jill: I'm going to suggest something that involves a fainting spell. Everyone loves a good fainting spell story. I have one I'd be willing to part with for a very reasonable price indeed.

    Johnny: We are never "drunk". We are "alcohol enabled".