Friday, July 24, 2009

She has social skills, she has social skills not, she has social skills, she has social skills not...

And I’m back! (the actual me)

Hope you enjoyed that little reprieve. Let’s have a big round of applause for Elysa @ GenPink for having a good sense of humor about 20sb sending her slumming my way. I feel like her post deserved a bit more fanfare, however, as I alluded to on twitter yesterday, I was actually in Virginia, sans computer, all of Wednesday and the only reason it was posted on time at all was through a situation involving Google 411, bad GPS directions, the Alexandria public library, not putting enough money in my meter, and the inability of the Yellow Pages to tell me where the Alexandria Jimmy John’s was.

I found it really very apropos that she took the opportunity to broach a topic that I tap dance around when writing for y’all: the line between personal life and blog. Now, I understand that “personal life" means different things to different folks, and as such, you may be saying, “What the hell is this crazy bitch talking about? She tells us about her personal life all the time. There is even a label over on the left sidebar to denote posts about her life.” (or you may be saying, “Hey, I think I’d like a ham sandwich for lunch.” but that is irrelevant. Focus!) To that I say two things: 1) To me, “personal life” denotes something very specific…namely romantic interests and advances, dating and any uglies that may, on the off chance, be bumped. My friendships, job, studies and familial activities are all outside of the realm of “personal life”. 2) You really shouldn’t go around calling people crazy bitches. It’s not very polite at all.

I am reluctant to talk about such things here, despite the fact that they are not devoid of interesting stories, for different reasons than the ones Elysa mentioned, since I am not involved in the online dating scene, but ones that I feel are equally valid. Firstly, I am kinda a whore about telling people to read my blog. If we are friends, I have probably mentioned that you should do so once or seven hundred times twice, and I have lots of blog comments and communities profiles that link back here. There are folks with whom I discuss anything and everything, but they are infinitely fewer and farther between than the people I try to send ‘round these parts. I don’t need the whole world hearing about how I was tarting it up at x-and-such bar last day-that-ends-in-y.

Secondly, it would really crimp my playa’ style if all my hos were to find out about each other. I am reluctant to drag other people’s good names and business through the SLtE&CtH mud. If they are part of my aforementioned “personal life”, chances are that I kinda enjoy their company and don’t want to make them uncomfortable by putting them on display.

All that being said (“Thank God! This post is not very funny at all. I don’t come here for lectures on online etiquette.”), the whole point of this was that I kinda enjoyed writing a more life-blog-y post than usual for the blog swap, and I want to post here more often anyway, so there may be a bit more toeing of the line between life and “art”.

In other (moderately amusing) news, you should never tell someone that their mom’s cat reminds you of a friend. Even if you have two compelling reasons to think so.

…especially if you were just (unrelatedly) discussing how dumb the cat is.


  1. you should never tell someone that their mom's cat reminds you of a friend. Even if you have two compelling reasons to think so.

    This literally made me laugh out loud.

  2. When I told the look-a-like/friend about the whole situation he mocked me so mercilessly I could not breathe for laughing so hard. How is that fair? He resembles a mentally deficient cat, and i'm the weirdo?

  3. deaf, dumb or blind; pick one