Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Freedom of gallivanting the interwebz...

When I started blogging 3 years ago ... oh wait, I must pause for a moment *insert DJ stop the record quick rewind noise* we can't jump into that until I tell you who I am. What's that you're saying to yourself? "I've been reading/subscribing/stalking this blog since 05/06/07". Well today I am not the I who normally resides in this cute little space. I am Elysa, privileged 20-something blogger swapper with Dani. I'm 27, I live in Texas (it's very hot!), I'm a designer and a blogger, among other things. Anyway - now that you know who I am this whole thing will go a lot easier.

To make a long story short I have this blog, and I also happen to have a very unique name. The combination of these two factors makes it quite impossible (well maybe not impossible, maybe not a good idea) for me to gallivant freely around the interwebz. I read Dani's post about job hunting and how she's been "fairly effective in keeping her online gallivanting contained. Neither her twitter nor blog showed up [in google searching]." Ironically it's this very freedom of gallivanting that I've been missing lately.

I recently joined an online dating site (that's a story in and of its self) and not too long after I joined there were some email exchanges with a guy. It took 3 email exchanges with my first name signed at the bottom for this guy to write me and say sooo I found your website. The immediate conversation in my head was "oh crap, if he found my blog then he knows my last name... which means he can find my LinkedIn... and know where I work and follow my twitter and ahh my silly blog just took the anonymity out of online dating for me." When I first joined the dating site I actually thought it would be a fun blog topic. But when I came to realize, the chance of the people, I may be blogging about, seeing my blog is pretty high I decided that wasn't such a great idea. So let me tell you dear internet friends - I have some crazy stories of this internet dating life and I feel hindered from sharing them. Perhaps I should create a pseudonym and share the multitudes of ridiculous emails I've received or start an anonymous blog similar to Texts from Last Night. Or maybe some gracious 20something blogger would like random excerps of online dating horror stories thrown into their blog. It may seem like I'm over analyzing this a bit but I promise you - my dear friend google will quickly give up my secrets (including my cell phone number). So what I've opted to do for now is change the spelling of my name a bit in my dating email exchanges. I guess that's what I'll continue to do until I come up with a better option. Do you have one for me?

I do realize that I'm being the kid in elementary school saying "I have a funny story but yooouuu can't know it." So I'll tell you a short one. Last week I received an email from someone who'd never messaged me before. He had one pictures (an extreme and I do mean EXTREME close-up of his face) his message to me was short and ohh so strange ... "you make me different." Ummm ... I think I'd rather not know what that means.

Thank you for listening to this brief soap opera interruption to She Laughs too Easy & Cries too Hard. I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled gallivanter. Speaking of, you should read her post on GenPink today! It made me LOL a bit.

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