Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bless me father for i have viewed, it has been 7 years since my last wizard movie…

First, some business:

1) I signed up for the 5th 20something bloggers Blog Swap, so next week there will be some content produced by someone who is not me and I will be imposing my tomfoolery on someone else’s blog. Take that as a blessing or a curse (or choose not to care at all). Just a heads up on stuff to come.

2) Today is Tuesday was Bastille Day. I don’t care. I’m not French. However, today isTuesday was also the birthday of a great friend of mine. About that, I do care. I’m still not French though. Anyway, Indie Jake is 26 today. I have no particular feelings about the age of 26, other than that it is a good age to have follow being 25. Happy Birthday to him.

And now that the business is out of the way, on to the heart of today’s matter…my internal guilt about having seen Harry Potter.

I assure you, I had absolutely no intention of seeing it at all. I saw the first one a few times (I actually even own it…on VHS….because I have an illogical love of VHS). I saw the second one once, and remember very, very little of it. I have seen none of the ones after that. Nor did I read the books. I bought the first book in Newark Airport when it first came out in paperback because I had a flight delay and had finished the reading material I brought with me. I read 5 pages and then decided that I would rather stare out into the sea of airport patrons than devote effort to reading it. I think I later gifted it to someone. I didn’t even know what number movie/book this was a telling of. The take home message of this paragraph is really that I have zero investment in Harry Potter.

Two things I do have vested interest, however, are beer and my friends not wasting money. So when I called my chum to ask if he wanted a ride to the beer promo night we were attending and was asked if I wanted the extra ticket they had, I couldn’t say no.

The theater we were seeing it at was showing Harry Potter on something like 16 screens, and I’m pretty sure all or almost all of them sold out. I have not seen that many high school students in one place wearing ridiculous clothing since my days of marching band competitions. (Go on, laugh. It’s okay). As we were leaving I happened to overhear the girl behind me comment to her friend about where her dad would be picking them up. Let me reiterate, this is at almost 3 in the morning…on a Tuesday night…and she isn’t old enough to drive herself. If I had asked my parents to pick me up at 3 am on a Tuesday when I was a high school sophomore I would have been laughed out of the room. Get a curfew, sweetie.

Sketchy cosplay and questionable parenting aside, the film was pretty good, and I didn’t feel as lost as I anticipated I would. But I still feel dirty for participating in the opening night orgy.

…figurative orgy that is. But I’m sure some of those folks had some freaky stuff going on too.

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  1. I have yet to see a single Harry Potter movie, not because I hate magic or anything, just because I haven't. I'm thinking maybe I should just rent all of them and subject my husband to a night of crazy wizardry so I can get all caught up.