Thursday, June 25, 2009

One i didn’t finish, the other was the phone book…

When you do research, there is a design called meta-analysis. Essentially, you take a bunch of studies that looked into the same question and you combine their subject pools, do some very, very naughty things with statistics, sacrifice three virgins, dance naked under the full moon and recite the Hail Mary backwards in pig latin. Once that is all done you get to use the new data to make much more sweeping generalizations…it’s either pretty f-ing cool or an abomination, depending on who you ask.

Well, as of late there has been a whole lot of bookish news floating about my corner of the intarwebs. I do so like bookish news and I figured that perhaps you, dear reader, might also like some bookish news. So why not do a bit of a meta-analysis of this news? I dare say there is no logical reason why not! (Not that having a logical reason has ever been a requirement for me doing anything.) We will, however, need to skip the analysis bit since the full moon isn’t until the seventh of next month and I need to head over to the store and pick up a new case of virgins next time I’m running errands. Instead, I will just aggregate it all.

~Jen Lancaster has posted a whole mess of suggested summer reading. I would trust her, if I were you. (I, unfortunately, am me and as such have a large pile of TBR books awaiting my attention already.)

~A perennial favorite of mine, Joshilyn Jackson, for making the NY Times Best Seller List. She writes some super fine southern fiction with romance and murder and the like. Y’all should read them too.

~Not really news but the release of Danny Evans’s (of Dad Gone Mad) first book, Rage Against the Meshugenah, is less than 6 weeks away. Despite having not read it, I’m glad to see a book addressing depression in adult males that is also readable being put out. This makes the little psych nerd inside me dance with satisfaction.

~On a more personally important note: A very good friend of mine, who has been fighting to get the words to flow on his first full-fledged novel attempt for a long time now, finally finished his first chapter. I’ve heard the whole story outlined and it’s pretty darn quality. I’m super proud.

For all this bookish news, it should probably be pointed out that I have not finished even one of the ten books I’m supposed to read before September 25th. But I’ll get there. In the mean time 25 lashes to me with a wet noodle for procrastination.

…now if you’ll excuse me, I need to practice my pig latin.

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