Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe we can compile them into a sweet mix-tape...

This weekend I made good on a promise I made a while back to a friend of mine who was, at the time, in the throes of MCAT prep and a final undergrad semester rife with hard-sciencey stress. I vowed that, should he make it out the other side alive, we would venture somewhere warm and lazy for a few days. Well the problem turned out to be that he is absolutely terrible with scheduling very popular, so what we ended up with was a door-to-door 45 hour (including 9+ hours of driving) mini-cation.

Now, I am a HUGE fan of the road trip. In my opinion, it is the finest way to get from Point A to Point B (presuming that Points A & B are connected by paved land), but it is critical to have either 1) a good music alternation system coupled with the patience to outlast your companions selections or 2) similar music tastes. I am known for possessing certain traits but patience is rather notably not among them, so luckily this was an Option 2 situation. I did the driving; he did the majority of the music selecting. And with the exception of a few epic fails, such as his Ipod shuffle selecting a particular faux-British, cone-bra-wearing singer’s cover massacre of one of the best classic rock songs of all time, it worked out nicely.

About half way up the Jersey Turnpike we happened upon a song that dragged to mind an idea that, while most certainly not exclusively mine, is very near and dear to my heart. You see, this song was my friend to a tee. Well, that is an exaggeration; it was the perfect expression for one, glaringly obvious and identity central, portion of his personality. And once I stopped laughing there was only one thing to say.

“Kid, that’s your theme song, right there.”

And really, who among us doesn’t have a theme song. I certainly do. In fact, you are right this very moment reading a blog who’s title is taken from my theme song. Do I take it in the spirit that it was originally written? No. (So please don't leave me all sorts of where to turn for help messages.) But it speaks to me in other ways. And sure, no song can totally capture every aspect of any personality. They will always present a caricature, but if you ask me, theme songs are as much about feeling like the song represents you are they are about how accurately it does so.

SO! Time to share with the class. Do you have a theme song? What is it? Or do you feel like this doesn’t really apply to you? Has your theme song changed over the years?

…and I do not expect to see Dr. Zhivago references for the two of you for whom it is applicable.

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  1. lately its been hate my life by theory of a deadman. changes along with life.