Friday, April 10, 2009

Somewhere neil clark warren just shed a tear without knowing why...

Maybe it’s just me, but I have never even considered giving chase after someone (in a relationship sense, not a footrace sense) just because I thought they were physically attractive. I notice when a guy is easy on the eyes, but that is just a little gift in my day, nothing more. I’ll even admit that go through phases of having “types”, but really, if I don’t have an uncontrollable, negative physiological reaction to someone’s appearance (such as retching on my shoes), I can find something about them that makes them visually attractive to me. But no one is ever attracted to EVERYTHING about a partner anyway.

I hear the rumblings beginning out there that I am probably just saying this to make myself feel better about my own appearance. Recently a friend and I were talking about getting attention of the opposite sex. It is my opinion that you can “win” in two ways, on Pretty or on Funny. I will be the first to admit that I can’t win on Pretty. I don’t delude myself by thinking I am a 10 and I don’t really put the effort in to compete with people who are. I choose to try and win on Funny (and this blog may indicate that that is also a losing battle but shh!). If I can snag a few extra points for not having a feature layout that resembles a Picasso painting, all the better, but I don’t bait my hunt for mans with looks.

All that being said, we all have shallow, sensory aspects that can make a prospective partner/ mate/”prey animal” really turn out head. Personally, mine are sound and smell. The right voice or scent and I am just a useless puddle of girl on the floor. One of my exes smelled like Bounce and Right Guard, and every time I walked by a dorm laundry vent while we were dating I got the uncontrollable urge to call him. Another I could probably write a book about, since I used to ask him about his past every night while trying to fall asleep just to hear him talk. (This also has the pleasant side effect of giving you oodles of information about the person.)

In an effort to see if anyone still actually reads the content here, I believe it is time for another play along at home activity:

What sensory (read: not “great personality”, “makes me laugh”, “owns a dairy farm”, etc.) features really grab your attention (or grabbed your attention if you are no longer in an attention-granting position)? Good hair? Firm handshake? Slight taste of bubblegum?

... stuff like this is why I never considered writing a singles blog. You’re all welcome.


  1. Yup, still reading, and by "still," I mean I think I added you to my blogroll about two weeks ago.

    I am guessing from empirical evidence that I prefer guys to be taller than me. It's not a conscious deal-killer, but I can't think of a guy I've ever really liked who wasn't at least tallish. I think I am a sucker for nice eyes, and also physical openness and warmth. Perhaps it's the twelve years of dance classes talking, but I tend to notice posture and gait. A lot. Quiet confidence is good. Wildly exuberant also works. Lazy slouch and excessive swagger are both exceedingly bad, and all too common where nightlife is concerned.

  2. owning a dairy farm is a huge turn on.

  3. One of my exes always smelled REALLY good right after a shower/swimming in a pool. Good hugs definitely seal the deal too. That's about all my I-woke-up-at-4:30-this-morning brain can come up with.

    PS I miss you and I have recently realized that I have no friends less than an hour away and it REALLY sucks. What are you doing Friday? Please say "coming to Lara's apartment"!

  4. Good hugs ARE a huge plus...I'd ask if you are top-hugger or a bottom-hugger (which sounds funny but im sure y'all can figure it out) but I get the feeling being petite sorta decided that for you.

    Recent blog post: Somewhere neil clark warren just shed a tear without knowing why...