Monday, April 6, 2009

Just so you know, pagans send the best easter greetings...

This weekend the first signs of the impending Easter showed up in the form of the pervasive smell of yeast. I may have related this before, but Dahling is really not much of a baker. It requires too much “measuring” and “keeping track of time”, two things of which she is not very fond when in the kitchen, or frankly ever, as anyone who has ever witnessed me begin to twitch like a drug addicted squirrel because we were supposed to be somewhere 20 minutes ago and she is still putting on eye shadow with her finger can attest to. The sole exception to this baking snub is that around Easter she always makes Babka, a delightfully eggy, yeasty, dense-as-all-get-out carbohydrate brick.

So when my nose caught a whiff of baking bread and I was not in the kitchen, I was wholly excited. For about 5 minutes. And then I remembered the other sign of Easter in our house…animatronic rabbits.

Someone at Hallmark is making a pretty penny off the fact that Dahling thinks singing, dancing expressions of major holidays are the best invention since the wheel. And they are made all the more creepy by the fact that one of them has a chick popping out of a plastic egg that bears a striking resemblance to my grandmother. I’m considering starting a pool on how many times we see this little fella’ shake what Hallmark gave him

…perhaps I can convince my relatives that there is such a thing as a “Jesus-is-risen-tini”.

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