Monday, March 16, 2009

The favors were pi cookies...

On Saturday, one of my college roommates got married in Baltimore. For me this was doubly awesome because it mean mini road trip time-from Jersey to NOVA to pick up my other roommate then back up to Baltimore, back down to NOVA for the night and then home. It also meant that a reunion with a whole group of friends from college that I haven’t seen in 2 years was in store. Just so you know, nothing can make a single girl with a social sciences degree feel less accomplished than a group of engineers, many of whom are engaged or married, that she graduated with.

But I got to test my new mantra, which I have oh so eloquently verbalized as “I am not going to let this shit get to me!” And for once in my life, it worked. You’re a rocket scientist for the government? Great for you. Oh you design boats for the Navy? Super. You’re having an interesting discussion about the incorporation of Marine Corps components in your wedding next year? Should be lovely. These are some seriously together ladies, and it was good to see them again. We all need some friends who have their lives in line as a constant reminder not to abandon telic motion.

And then, as I am on my way back to Jersey, my phone rings. The universe must understand my need for balance in my life. It was @blkmarketliver, and we were going line dancing.

And that is exactly what happened. I went out to a country bar in New Jersey, with my lighting director from high school, with whom my relationship can only be described as brutally honest and deliciously tasteless, wearing a shirt I bought for 4 dollars at Wal-mart on the way.

Driving home last night I was feeling pretty darn smug. All weekend I had been having a great time and forming a wholly enlightened understanding of where different groups of friends fit into my life. I pulled into the driveway, smiled, gathered my stuff and got ready to jump into this week with my new rosy outlook.

…hey, why are all my lights still on when the car is off and the keys are in my hand. Oh right, because I’m back in real life now. ...where is that damn wrench so I can disconnect the battery?

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  1. i like the mantra and i may or may not have used it a few times myself.