Thursday, February 26, 2009

The counter-argument for the claim that good ideas come to you in the shower...

Let me start off by saying that I love a good mix tape just as much as the next person. Actually I probably love a good mix tape far more than the next person, because I actually have a tape player in my car, so you know, I can actually listen to it. It is probably not worth noting, but the cd player in my car has been seriously on the fritz for a year now and I refuse to replace it because I will no longer have said tape player…so I have hooked up my hot pink Sony Discman to the tape player through a tape adapter. This is both ridiculous and highly indicative of exactly how stubborn I am and messed up my priorities can be. But anyway…

I also adore a well compiled mix cd, even if it lacks some of the mystical crappy technology cred of the mix tape. I have some mix cds that I have played so many times that the silver is flaking off and I no longer associate the songs on them with the actual artists, but rather with the person who made the cd…which is perhaps part of the point. And the fact that I am absolutely terrible at making mix cds for other people will not dissuade me!

All this aside, technology is about nothing if not about continually progressing to the frustration of the people who just got used to the old way. And it is in that spirit that the next evolution of the musical mix hit me…

The medley.

Now I’m sure for some this conjures visions of horrific stage performances and the like, but I am talking about one that has ::gasp:: good songs. Songs that express in the 5-10 lines that are included, the message (be it of love, hate, or ridiculousness) that you have for the recipient. A medley is a mix cd where you shorten the songs and they all have to flow together. It is more challenging to create and quicker to experience. And in today’s world, who can’t appreciate harder and faster?

...and that's how you ruin a good idea with an unneccesary bawdy joke.


  1. Unless you're not too on board with the idea. In which case, the bawdy joke is TOTALLY the draw!

    (For the record [pun maybe intended], I long for a return to the days of the cohesive album. Fuck this whole one-song-on-the-disc-is-good bullshit.)

  2. Oh i totally agree that entire albums need to go back to being good, but i'm talking about "High Fidelity" style, quality crafted mix tapes. Not just, "Hey these are the only good song of 20 albums let's cut out all the crap" mix tapes.

  3. I feel you on the notion of the "quality" mix tape, and I stand behind its effectiveness. The Sounds of Summer, for instance, is much greater than the sum of its parts because it was all about capturing a mood and a moment.

    I just don't think the "medley" is capable of capturing emotion like that in the same way. I feel like it just contributes to the ADDism of contemporary culture, and after a long while, I'm finally warming up to the idea of relaxing and enjoying things at a not so frenetic pace.